Pursue of products are long loved.

We do not want to create a product that will be affected by trend.
By focusing on materials, shapes of the product, color, and variety of sizes,
we make sure our customers enjoy the options when finding the right product.
Choose the right color to express your feelings.
We provide a dash of happiness for your daily life.

Pursue of comfort by “foot insert”

A feeling that a shoe fits perfectly right when you inserted is unforgettable. In peruse of comfort, Tsukumo always strive for improvement. From the strap length and size to the location where the strap connects, we make sure every component provide the best comfort even down to the millimeters. We want to give our customer the most comfort.

Pursue of comfort by “material”

Flip-flops is made up by two parts, which are the sole and the strap. Because of this simplicity design, customers can immediately tell the quality of the product.
The sole part of the Tsukumo flip-flops is made from synthetic rubber which is kept at 50°hardness. The strap is made of natural rubber that provides more comfort when wearing. It is a great pleasure and honor to hear feedbacks from our customers such as “the longer I wear, the better it feels” or “I was afraid to wear due to the discomfort it might cost, but they prove me wrong”. It is hard to understand how it feels without wearing it. We are happy for people to just give it a try. How do we get people to wear our flip-flops for a long time? There are no answers to this question because there’s no end when pursuing for comfort.

Pursue of comfort by “shape”

Usually, people focus from the top part of the flip-flops. Not many people would observe it from the side. The sole of Tsukumo flip-flops are lower in the front and higher in the back like a cone shape. Compare to a rectangular sole, which is evenly for the front and back, it would be easier to walk with our design. The rectangular sole is much easier to manufacture but the cone shape sole gives much more comfort.

Characteristics of product made from Japan

Flip-flops that is made in Japan. According to the artisans, the design on top of the straps is called Ropponsen, which means six lines in Japanese. Rumors said that the design evolved from ancient sandals that use braided rope. Some said that it is imitation of well selling products. Others think that the old ear is a harsh time that we could not imagine. It is till this day, no one knows when, where, or whom started Ropponsen. However, the design, which symbolized Japanese made, is still passing around currently.